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Summer Deck Trends

Summer Deck Trends

The warm weather has started to arrive and with it, the thought of the perfect outdoor entertainment space. Clear weather is the time to finally get to building or upgrading your deck and so we have put together five key trends to inspire your outdoor space. 

The ‘Industrial’ Look

Stepping away from the more traditional, rustic deck, this year we have seen a move towards cleaner lines, cool colours and generally a more modern finish. Aluminium railing and stamped concrete are popular material alternatives for your outdoor space. There has also been a large shift to glass railing design, to keep the space feeling open and sophisticated. Seek inspiration from craft-beer breweries, your local hipster cafe or art galleries for a more New York City feel. 

Biophillic Design

Bio-what? This translates to a purposeful inclusion of nature, not simply relying on being outside. Think purposeful grass peaking through, a garden trellis, screens or the use of natural wood finishes on your deck. This look can also be seen when contrasting permeable pavers with rough gravel or grass separating them. Get creative with how you include life in your outdoor space!

Bringing the indoors outdoors

There’s no denying we’ve all spent a lot more time at home this year which has led many of us to reconsider their spaces based on this new normal. This has resulted in a focus on making the outdoor space feel the same sense of style and intimacy you create inside your home, as an extension of it. Think outdoor overhead lighting for the illusion of a ceiling, pizza ovens, outdoor workout spaces, reading nooks and beyond! This idea ties strongly into the trend of people adding TV’s to their outdoor space. Gone are the days of dropping an outdoor dining set and being done, this summer your deck needs to maximise the space you have.

Plank Design

There has been a trend towards using a variety of multi-width planks to combine and create a more unique finish whilst still having the potential to remain neutral for the more traditional spaces. This design choice requires a little more time and effort than your standard deck and offers the chance to get creative with your plank choices and finishes. 

Colour is key

Whilst the classic muted greys and blues have continued to be a style preference for many people redecorating their outdoor spaces, that shouldn’t stop you from thinking outside the box. Composite decking has become an increasingly popular choice for decking and now comes in a wide variety of colours and finishes. This is an excellent opportunity to get the two-tone deck happening or to choose finishes with streaking or wearing for the more casual and lived in look. 

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