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How To Build An Environmentally-Friendly Workspace

How To Build An Environmentally-Friendly Workspace

The return to work is about to look different for everyone, but we know one thing for sure: workplaces will be forever changed after C-19 has run its course. Many businesses will be considering whether to renew their lease, or perhaps downsize given that teams will be working remotely for part of the week.

Either way, whilst we’re all at home here in Melbourne, it’s the perfect time to consider a re-furb. As the switch to eco-friendly starts to permeate every aspect of businesses now, we’re asked more and more how clients can create work spaces that are better for the planet. Here are some key considerations to make before deciding on that fresh office.

Recycled Materials

This one is a no-brainer. Depending on how extensive the build or re-furb is, there are numerous pieces that could be done using recycled materials. The timber for desks, shelving and storage. Could your furnishings be pre-loved? What can be salvaged from your existing space and given a face lift, rather than throwing it into hard rubbish?

Let There Be Light

There are two considerations to be made here: natural light, and solar power. Welcoming as much natural light to your space as possible means cutting down on electricity use and creating a much nicer environment for your team to work in. It’s as good for humans as it is for the planet. Think about window placements and be smart about it. This is where your builder can make some helpful recommendations as technology continues to improve in this area.

Installing solar energy may be expensive at the outset, however it’ll pay itself back in spades as those bills start rolling in. Check the current government incentives (which are changing all the time), as it may make that upfront investment more palatable.

Indoor Plants

Greenery in an office helps with oxygen supply, mood and productivity for your team. And, it looks great. Get some plants that are low maintenance and will suit your environment. You could include plant boxes knocked together from recycled timber in your design, or go all out and create a vertical plant wall as a main design piece in your space.


Investing in high quality insulation means that your space is kept cool in warm months, and warm in cool months. Another great way of keeping your energy bills down in the long term.

How Cool Is Your Roof?

This one might sound a bit out of the box, but considering your roof is another effective way to minimise your workplace’s environmental impact. As we know, Australia gets very hot in summer and in some parts, year-round. If your roof is capturing a lot of that sun’s heat and then trapping it, your office space becomes an oven and that air conditioner gets worked a lot harder than it should. There are options such as green roofs (those epic roofs seen on Grand Designs where the entire building is covered in plants), sun reflective paint and tiles and roof coverings. Be sure to discuss these with your builder!

As always, hit us up with any questions you may have. We’re happy to help.


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